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My whole career has been involved in Learning and creativity

I trained at Goldsmiths College, East 15 Acting School and The Institute of Education, University of London and went on to work in both Education and Theatre - both nationally and internationally.

My training work is informed by experience across a broad range of organizations and a practical understanding of how and why people learn, listen and create.

For the theatre, I’ve directed at The Royal Opera House, The National Theatre Education Department, English National Opera and Opera North. Some of my theatre work has been with the composer John Browne. Our work has included a trilogy of music theatre pieces designed to animate Science learning for teenagers, covering genetics, ethics, HIV and immunology and physics and the nature of scientific enquiry. We also created an ambitious, exhilarating Bollywood version of Turandot using film, dance, composition and Asian and Western musicians In Southall.

A Teacher at a senior level, I work as an associate to the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust, where I broker and manage a diverse range
of projects which have included policy advice, film-making and advising on content for national conferences. I also work with and for the DFES and Creative Partnerships.

I combine all of my experience in my corporate work I have a specific focus towards identification of a problem, supporting and providing creative techniques to resolve it. It is a luxury to move both people and organizations forward with energy, confidence and action.

I aim to develop workshops that are encouraging, routed in practical application, rigorous and fun.

I live in London with my husband and two children, although my heart is still in Yorkshire.

Why me?

Great question thrown at me at a planning meeting at Endemol. There are thousands of trainers and it is a growing market.

Tough- can’t say I’m great, pragmatic and work really hard to make the sessions to be of value.

What I can say is that I consistently receive excellent feedback, run courses that are oversubscribed and are informed by a diverse range of techniques and experiences. I try to plan to meet everyone’s needs and use precious time away form your workplace incredibly productively.

My work is informed by my work with leading academics and research but also very much about operacy- how to get things done more effectively, fresher and engaging in the real world.

I strive to make complex concepts very simple and achievable

Read the client quotes. And I would be very happy to meet and have a chat to try to explain why I can help you.

By the way- I hate the thought that most people think "I have been on a course, I’ve got my pack- so what". Ask me about how I can support clients too measure long-term accountability with this work.

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